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Biology students participating in science research

Biology students have been actively participating in science research.  They’ve spend many years in their science classes learning about  scientific methods.  Now it’s time to apply what they have learned.  After a short review of the parts of a controlled experiment and how science research is conducted, they began designing a relevant controlled experiment.  Students were divided into groups and . . . read more

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It's Time for Sophomore Magazine Sales!

Do you need to renew or buy a new magazine subscription? Well here's your chance! The Sophomore class is selling magazines to raise money for the 2016 Prom.  If a sophomore hasn't asked you yet, online ordering is also available. Go to www.gaschoolstore.com and enter the school code 1295989. The sophomore class will get . . . read more

MHS Student Handbook 2014-2015

The MHS 2014-2015 Student Handbook is now available online!   CLICK HERE to read and/or download it in PDF format read more

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